I couldnt live without a song.

I could easily fall in to lyrics from songs. Every night i feel like having a deep sorrow just by hearing songs. Many songs has a great lyrics and great melody then become a harmony that could breaking my heart into pieces. These are some sneek peak from the lyrics that i’ve fallen to…

“…when my world is falling apart, when theres no light to break up the dark. Thats when, i, i, i look at you…” (When i look at you, -Miley Cyrus)

“…Someday 다 잊혀져갈 사랑 그리운 내 사랑 언제나 힘들게만 한 그대여, Someday 내 가엾은 내 사랑 그리운 내 사랑 언제나 행복해야 해 날 떠나서…” (Someday, -LeeSSang)

“What do you hope to achieve when i’m cry and you know why?” (Giving you up, -Miley Cyrus)

“…cause when i’m with him i am thinking of you, thinking of you… What you would do if you were the one who was spending the night? Oh, i wish that i was looking into you eyes…” (Thinking of you, -Katy Perry)

“…tiada lagi yang mampu berdiri halangi rasaku, cintaku padamu…” (Perahu kertas, -Maudy Ayunda)

“Do you ever cry yourself to sleep?” (6, 8, 12, -Brian McKnight)


Songs or music is just another world for me. World that ourself can decide what it’ll become to be. Music gives me a hope, strength even pain sometimes. Music shows another side of ourself too, the true one. Music is like a magical spell that could change the whole things.

Sure i’m a melancholy and i just cant get rid of it. I couldnt live without a song.