Short Review– Perahu Kertas

Yo! Happy sunday night!

Not really happy cause have to face that tomorrow is Mon-ster day! Huaaa but, keep cheers!

Btw i want to share about a movie that i watched last night titled, Perahu Kertas 2. Okay since theres “2” in its titled then yep! This is a sequel form Perahu Kertas.

This film told about a girl named Kugy and a guy named Keenan. They have a friendship with 2 others called, Eko and *i forgot the other one’s name hehe* and suddenly they realize that they (Kugy and Keenan) have a crush for each other but they didnt tell anyone about their feelings even on of them. 

Life goes on without knowing each other’s feeling untill they found another person that they think they’re fell into. Times flown and fualla! They just wrong! Situation makes Kugy and Keenan getting back together and that was like their last harbour after sailed in a long long time…

I recommend of this film! This is one of the best Indonesian Films☺



and dont forget to bring some tissue:”) XOXO


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